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          Healthcare Finance – Mergers & Acquisitions

          Making the right deals in an evolving industry.

          In the Healthcare Finance group’s M&A activities, our team brings creativity and commitment to each engagement, taking the time necessary to get the right deal done. As merger, acquisition and divestiture activities increase in response to the healthcare industry’s rapidly changing competitive landscape, our Healthcare Finance group draws on our active participation in a wide array of strategic healthcare transactions to inform our analyses and provide you with real-time market intelligence. In our M&A activities, our Healthcare Finance group has represented or negotiated with major participants – both publicly traded and privately held – in all sectors of the healthcare services industry.

          Full-service Capabilities

          • Sell- & Buy-Side Advisory
          • Joint Venture Advisory
          • Strategic Affiliation & Partnership Advisory
          • Bankruptcy & Restructuring Advisory
          • Management Agreements
          • Physician Affiliation & Employment Strategy
          • Valuation Advisory
          • Fairness Opinions
          • Subsidiary & Non-core Asset Analysis

          Featured Transactions

          Great ideas and superior execution know no boundaries

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          Public Finance Market Watch

          In-depth and timely commentary and analysis on the municipal market from industry experts.