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          Global Equities & Investment Banking

          Discover Raymond James Global Equities & Investment Banking

          For more than 50 years, Raymond James has combined deep expertise, global reach and sophisticated strategies to serve the needs of growth companies and their investors. At the core of our equity capital markets offering are the equity research and investment banking divisions. Our analysts and bankers are highly specialized by industry focus and transactional expertise. Working alongside our dedicated professionals provides an opportunity to gain experience in the markets and interact with corporate clients.

          Equity Research

          Unlock your career potential with Equity Research.

          Equity Research

          Investment Banking

          Unlock your career potential with Investment Banking.

          Investment Banking

          Can you see yourself in capital markets?

          Join Raymond James for a three-day capital markets immersion program.

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          Commitment to Diversity

          We believe unique experiences foster universal perspective.

          Commitment to Diversity

          Giving Back

          Learn more about our long history of investing in the future of our communities.

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          All Access

          Get a behind the scenes look at Raymond James corporate culture, recruiting and more.

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          Ready to take your next step?

          Learn more about joining Equity Capital Markets, including our programs for full-time careers and internships.